Communication always plays a vital role in the success of a movement. Highly smart individuals in a team do not guarantee success if they fail to communicate well with each other.

Often, even stating the obvious that communication is essential does not move some team members into action. As a team leader, your creativity and resourcefulness can come into play. You are making your team realized its importance without having to explain it. Here are some team building activities that could help you on this purpose.

Pass the picture

Materials needed: pen and paper.

Rule: This is a spin-off from the game pass the message. Only this time, no words will be allowed.

1. You will form at least two teams with a minimum of 5 players each.

2. Each member would have a pen and a paper except for the 1st person in the line.

3. The last player will pick a word that they need to draw within 10 seconds. They need to pass the message to the next person through their drawing.

4. The next person will try to guess the picture. He will draw the image based on his interpretation from the last sketch. He then passes it on to the next until it reaches the 1st person on the line.

5. The first person on the line should guess the correct word.

The strategy is to pass the message from the last person to the 1st person on the line using drawing. The game will instill the importance of words in relating to other people. In the absence of it, you would need highly creative people to send the message across. Unfortunately, not everyone in the team can draw well, not unless you are in the art department. The lesser-skilled though, would send everyone to confusion and laughter which can make this game fun.

In this game, all team members would need to form a circle. There will be no team as they will be competing with each other.

Once everyone is in the circle, everyone will take turn counting. The objective of the game is to avoid saying the forbidden numbers 3, 6, & 9. Including, all numbers with 3, 6 & 9 in it. Instead of mentioning these numbers, you are supposed to say bbibbo.

The person who mentions the number or forgets to say bbibbo in 5 seconds is out of the game. The game continues until you only one member left.

The game tests your team’s listening and coordination skills. The skills needed to create excellent communication within the organization.