This refers to activities that bring employees together so that to give them a sense of bonding which increases their productivity. It also leads to better communication between employees.

These activities are meant to get employees out of office since it’s sedentary sometimes working throughout in an office.

Some of the team building events include:

• Having a tournament

As a company, you can come together and decide to play a game. For example, you can divide amongst yourself into two groups and form two football teams. You can then play against each other which help to foster the relationship between the employees working in different departments in your organization as they compete against each other.

Also, you can decide to participate in athletes whereby your staff will run against each other in different races. You’ll find that there are those workers who will cheer for those competing in the races. Through such sports activities, it motivates the co-workers and this eventually leads to improved productivity in the workplace.

• Karaoke

As coworkers in your organization, you can decide after work to go out for karaoke. It’s a place whereby you showcase your prowess when it comes to singing a song’s lyrics to your fellows. You can even form a team with your coworkers and sings a certain song which helps to improve bonds between yourself.

Also, you might not necessarily sing a song, but by being there and sharing laughter with your fellow work mates helps to improve coworker bonding.

• Volunteer

Sometimes as individuals working together you can decide to go out into the community and help an elderly person to take care of her homestead. Some of you can decide to clean her utensils while others attend to her garden which helps coworkers relate much better.